Let's just start by stating the obvious:

I want to own a house.

Why is this obvious? I suppose the desire for homeownership is baked into our society, so I'm supposed to want to own a house.

I live in downtown Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. Why? Because it's also the most beautiful city Canada has to offer, and is a major hub for the tech industry, of which I am a part.

I've lived in so many different places. I've done solo cross-country moves and I've tossed everything I own to start fresh somewhere else more times than I can count. Moving somewhere new doesn't scare me. Leaving Vancouver, however, just isn't an option.

Not being able to purchase a home here is ridiculous.

There's a certain kind of claustrophobia that comes from being unable to really live in your space; I'm conscious of every nail we put into the wall to hang a photo, and of course things like painting the walls or changing the fixtures are out of the question. I've lived this way for a long time and it hasn't always bothered me, but something about being stuck in this apartment for the last year has exacerbated this sort of panicked anxiety I feel about the fact that I likely won't be able to purchase a home in Vancouver. Ever.

I have a dog. I want a backyard. I want a garden. I want to be able to build a home office shed or buy a trampoline.

Instead I'm looking for an apartment with a balcony and we've had to increase our budget just to have a single option to look at.

Vancouver is a beautiful city - the best city I've ever lived in. But what's the next step? I don't want to pay someone else's mortgage for the rest of my life, but I'm also uninterested in paying half a million for a tiny, piece of shit condo.

Guess I need to win the lottery, eh?