So we have this adult coloring book that is marijuana-themed; each page is a trippy collection of little creatures, puffs of smoke, and, often, food (the munchies are real!)

I want to get better at painting but I wanted something I didn't have to think about drawing first, and I figured this coloring book would be a great way to play around with paints as it doesn't require much creative effort from me; I can just focus on the paints and practicing how to use them.

I gesso'd the page first, to try and give it a better surface and more strength for the gouache and watercolor paints. This more or less worked the way I wanted, though it was a bit of a dance to get the gesso on the page and dry without it warping at that point. The page dried flat enough though and I started basically just coloring in the lines!

It's still a work in progress, obviously, and has been relegated to the back of the den for now, but it's been a great little technique experiment for painting on flimsier paper and I feel like more coloring books may be in my future!